Promote HANDMADE in your community!

Our goal is to promote handmade art in the community by providing craft shows to schools and other organizations as fundraisers. This gives artists and crafters a low cost opportunity to promote and sell their art, all for a good cause! Artists and crafters are encouraged to demonstrate their craft in an effort to promote handmade items in the community.

J Glass Promotions is an affordable means of providing craft shows with the artists in mind. As an artist myself I have started this company to promote the artists behind the art, and the crafters behind the craft! Help support your organization or school and support your art community at the same time!

It is time to put the CRAFT back in craft show!
Craft shows have been over run with home parties and tupperware vendors. Artisans and crafters have been lost in this crowd for years, it has driven the cost of shows up, and driven true crafters out of the loop. It is time for that to stop! All the artist and vendors I work with take a "Handmade Oath." Its a signed document that what they promote is their own, and that they stand behind their items 100%.

So you like what you hear... what now?
If you are an artist or crafter you want to sign up and learn more! 
Click the "ARTISTS AND CRAFTERS" tab at the top of the page.

If you are a teacher, student, part of a community organization or looking for a fundraiser, 
you are already thinking of a venue I can read it in your mind!

Give me a call, or send me an e-mail. Tell me about your school group or organization and let me help you raise the money you need for the senior outing, the french class trip, or the neighborhood church choir.

We can talk about the location you have in mind, and set up a time to meet.
I will work with you and keep you updated throughout the entire process.
On the date of the show I will hand you a check! Its that easy!
I will even give you ideas on how to help promote the craft show, and promote it myself as well!

This is a low cost to no cost opportunity to raise funds for your organization or school, while supporting your community!

Call or e-mail today!

Jaclyn Sinkewicz