First show of the year booked for May 5th and 6th 2012!

Are you a crafter/artist looking for a reasonably priced place to promote your craft/art? Do you want to be appreciated for being handmade? If the answer is YES then these are the show for you!

I am a artist myself. I am tired of being shuffled and lost in a sea of sameness or commercial vendors at craft shows! Since when is tupperware a craft?????! For this reason I am choosing to start my own line of shows that is all about HANDMADE and all about the artist (not to mention for a good cause!)

My Goal is to keep overhead low, keep the artist in mind, and do this for a good cause! Although it is not a non-profit, almost 1/2 your show fee goes straight to the organization or school that holds the show! I have seen to many shows go under when the teacher who used to organize it retires and there is just no one to run it! Its a lot of work! The other money will go towards advertising and helping me to keep these shows going.

A set fee is set for shows already booked, and I anticipate that all future shows will be less than $50 a show. I am not in this to make a ton of money. I am in this for artists and crafters like myself!

 My plan to acquire a network of handmade artists and hopefully have them book multiple shows throughout the year with me in different venues. I also would like to do a few speciality shows and am always open to your feedback and suggestions.

Please contact me if you have any questions, suggestions or know of a school or organization that you think would benefit from something like this.

Jaclyn Sinkewicz

If you want proof that I am an artist.... visit my page, or stop by my studio any time!

Vendor application:
Please print and mail (or e-mail, and mention payment option)