What does my organization or school have to do?
You have to put a little bit of work into figuring out where you want your show to be, and  how you want to advertise. After that You need to be there for the event! You can even sell refreshments or anything you want as an additional means of raising money :) Some schools and public buildings require a town constable or police presence at events. There may be other regulations for the building you are using as well. I can help you will all this.

When do we get paid?
I have a check for your organization the day of the event! Its really that easy!

How will we get people to show up??
I have a zillion ways to promote this show to get people to show up! I'll give you a bunch of ideas that will work for your specific area and organization at little or no cost! 

How much money can we make?
This depends on how big your space is and how many crafters you will have. Even if you only have 20 crafters you have already made $400! You can also supplement your funds by having your own space at no cost to you to sell anything you want!

Where does the money go?
$20 from each vendor goes to the organization. Other funds collected will be used to advertise and promote the show, as well as keep the shows going in the future.

I am a crafter, DO I NEED A TAX NUMBER?
I do not require that you provide me with a tax number (it is on the application, but optional).
I do ask that you comply with CT State law. Here is a link with more information:

I am a crafter, can I pay you online?
Yes. I can send you an e-mail bill and you can pay with Paypal.
You can also pay with check or Money Order. Contact me with any questions.

I am a crafter, I did a show before, and I want to be a vendor at another show. Do I have to fill out the paperwork?
No! Paperwork sucks! I keep records of all your previous info. As long as you did a show in the past year, and your information has not changed, all you need to do is call or e-mail me and submit payment.

Got a question I didn't answer? E-mail or Call me, and I will be sure to post the answer for others as well.